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Strandline Resources Mine Project Underway In Tanzania

 A definitive feasibility study (DFS) has been completed by Strandline Resources for the Fungoni heavy mineral sands project in Tanzania, with results of strong financial returns.   Based  Read More..

Posted on : 10 Oct,2017

Rwanda- Brewery To Be Set Up In Kamonyi

 A factory to brew sorghum beer which is locally known as 'Ikigage' and also a non-alcoholic drink, 'Ubushera', will be set up in Kamonyi District, according to the Board Chairman of Southern  Read More..

Posted on : 10 Oct,2017

Ethiopia- Gambella Airport Introduces A New US$1.3m Tower

  A US$1.3m advanced Air Traffic Control (ATC) tower that directs aircrafts during takeoff and landing has been installed by Ethiopia’s Gambella Airport. The tower was constructed by the  Read More..

Posted on : 09 Oct,2017

Ethio-Djibouti The Flagship Project Begins Full Ride Trials

 According to Dereje Tefera, Ethiopian Railways Corporation (ERC) Communication Services Head, any railway project has to undergo various checking and trails. Also, certification is required by  Read More..

Posted on : 06 Oct,2017

NSSF Uganda to Commission US$ 400m Housing Project

 The construction of the 2,740 unit housing project in Lubowa, Wakiso district in Uganda has been officially commissioned by The National Social Security Fund (NSSF).   The project will  Read More..

Posted on : 05 Oct,2017

Kiambu Mall In Kenya Set To Be Opened

 The Kiambu Mall in Kenya which is currently in its final stages will open its doors to the public in December. The dates were shifted from August to December due to construction  Read More..

Posted on : 05 Oct,2017

Second Phase Of SGR To Commence Soon

The second phase of the construction of the standard gauge railway (SGR) line is on the verge of starting. The project intends to link the capital of Dodoma and the commercial city of Dar es  Read More..

Posted on : 03 Oct,2017

Up Gradation Of The Arusha-Holili Road In Progress

 Tanzania has plans to upgrade the 14.2km dual carriageway stretch of the Arusha-Holili road as they look to get the project funded from development partners to upgrade the remaining part of the  Read More..

Posted on : 02 Oct,2017

35 Floor High Rise To Be Constructed In Kenya

Cytonn Real Estate is calling the project an iconic mixed-use development project. It will have 35 floors and will be constructed in Nairobi’s Kilimani area.  The ‘Cytonn  Read More..

Posted on : 11 Jan,2018

Kenya- The Building Set for Demolition Can Be Salvaged

 The National Building Inspectorate (NBI) which the National Construction Authority is a part of gave the developers a go ahead on resuming the construction of the 17 storey building in Nairobi  Read More..

Posted on : 27 Sep,2017

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