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35 Floor High Rise To Be Constructed In Kenya

Cytonn Real Estate is calling the project an iconic mixed-use development project. It will have 35 floors and will be constructed in Nairobi’s Kilimani area.  The ‘Cytonn  Read More..

Posted on : 11 Jan,2018

Kenya- The Building Set for Demolition Can Be Salvaged

 The National Building Inspectorate (NBI) which the National Construction Authority is a part of gave the developers a go ahead on resuming the construction of the 17 storey building in Nairobi  Read More..

Posted on : 27 Sep,2017

Dawa Ltd to construct a US$ 30m factory in Nairobi

 Dawa Limited a Pharmaceutical company is planning to construct a US$ 30m drugs factory in Nairobi, Kenya.    Dr Ajay Patel, The firm’s Managing Director, said that the new  Read More..

Posted on : 26 Sep,2017

Mbaka and Lufilo Bridges 98% Complete

 The construction of Mbaka and Lufilo bridges cost the government of Tanzania US$25.4mn. The bridges link Kikusya Village and Matema Road in Kyela District.    Both bridges are 98  Read More..

Posted on : 26 Sep,2017

Mirerani Road In Tanzania Completed

 The Mirerani road was inaugurated by President John Magufuli of Tanzania. The road stretches from the Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA) to Mirerani a small mining town. It cost US$14.4mn  Read More..

Posted on : 26 Sep,2017

Korogwe-Tanzania Launch a Solar Microgrid Project

 Mpale village, Korogwe District in Tanzania at least 50 households are connected to solar micro-grid. This was realised during a project launched between the United Nations Capital Development  Read More..

Posted on : 23 Sep,2017

Kfir Rusin- High Standards Have Been Set For Real Estate Developments Across Sub-Saharan Africa

 Property developers, owners and suppliers got the opportunity to showcase their best projects and services from across sub-Saharan Africa at the Africa Property Investment (API)  Read More..

Posted on : 21 Sep,2017

Remodeling Of Rwandas Water Network Set To Begin

 As part of the efforts to address the persistent water shortages in different suburbs of the capital, the water network project has come into play. According to CEO of Water and Sanitation  Read More..

Posted on : 18 Sep,2017

Rwanda is going to have a Competitive Edge with the construction of Nyabarongo Hydro Power Station

The promise to provide residents with reliable power will be fulfilled by the completion of Nyabarongo hydropower project in the western part of Rwanda .   The project is possibly the largest  Read More..

Posted on : 18 Sep,2017

Three 100mw Solar Power Plants are to be set up by a Zimbabwe Power company

Three solar power plants have been applied to be set up in the country by the Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC). This is purely a move to improve the supply of electricity. Each power plant with 100MW  Read More..

Posted on : 15 Sep,2017

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