Kenya adopts new technology for better roads

A Nairobi-based firm partnered with City Hall in an ambitious move to repair potholed roads in the country's capital. A deal between Nairobi County and AEA Limited, a subsidiary of TransCentury Group , will see the company lease or sell machinery to the devolved unit to repair damaged roads.  

Velocity road patching is a technology that aims to instantly repair damaged roads at a fraction of the cost. AEA Limited was last year appointed by UK-based firm Velocity as the sole distributor of its machines in the region. The technology has been tried and tested in developed countries and is fully compliant with the National Highway Sector Scheme 13 and Code of Practice for Innovative Patching Systems. The Sh50 million machinery - supplied by Velocity - seals damaged potholes in three minutes, a departure from current methods of repair that involves hours of manual digging using road-rollers.
The firm, formerly Avery East Africa, also has offices in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. And Kenya will be the second country in Africa to adopt the new technology after South Africa.
The statement from Cityhall underlined that the current government is keen to tackle Nairobi's road infrastructure problems through effective and cost-efficient methods. It was also pointed out that better roads would help cut the cost of doing business in the capital, thus leading to more jobs.
“Proper infrastructure will reduce the cost of doing business significantly in the County which will create numerous business opportunities for Kenyans that translates to improvement of the country’s GDP,” said a very reliable government source.

Posted on : 11 Dec,2017

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