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Rwanda: Chinese Firm to Build Sheraton Kigali Hotel

Century Park Hotels and Residences Ltd, a Chinese construction firm, has acquired 7.6 hectares of land near the Tennis Club in Remera sector for development.   Solomoni Adede, the company  Read More..

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Uganda: Govt to Build 10 Mini Hydro Power Plants

The project is expected to connect electricity to 340,000 households, 800 SMEs   In a bid to extend power to rural areas under the rural electrification programme, the government with a grant  Read More..

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Nigeria: Group Launches N250 Million Quranic Studio

The Goni Abacha Quranic Studios in Kano is to build a state-of-the-art studio for the recording and compilation of Quran recitations.   The group said in a statement by the Secretary of the  Read More..

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Rwanda: Chinese Embassy Constructs Playground for Kacyiru School

The Embassy of the People's Republic of China has built a play ground and paved compound sidewalks for Kacyiru  Primary School.   The facilities were inaugurated on Tuesday by the Chinese  Read More..

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Angola: Govt Builds Over 30 Homes in 2012

Kuito - The government of the central Bié province built 34 houses in 2012 to accommodate the local staff.   The information was released by the Director of Public Works and  Read More..

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Kenya begins construction of 'silicon' city Konza

Kenya’s president has launched a $14.5bn (£9.1bn) project to build a new city intended to be an IT business hub and dubbed “Africa’s Silicon Savannah“. It will take 20  Read More..

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Liberia: West Construction Gets Award

The management of West Construction and Architecture, Inc. during the week, on Wednesday January 16, 2013, was a proud recipient of an ANNUAL PRESTIGIOUS AWARD, a certificate of appreciation from the  Read More..

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Egypt: Qandil Underlines Need to Develop Infrastructure

It is necessary to establish better infrastructure in Egypt and not to focus only on upgrading the railway sector, said Prime Minister Hisham Qandil.   Qandil, meanwhile, said that there are  Read More..

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Uganda: Firm Wins Karamoja Road Contract

Kampala - After spending many years with dusty roads, Karamoja residents (North Eastern Uganda) this year will have reason to smile after government has finalized plan to tarmack their road from  Read More..

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Kibaki roots for roads upgrade to grow trade within Comesa bloc

President Kibaki has likened Malawi’s investment in transnational road networks to a policy that he has pursued in the last 10 years as he roots for deeper economic ties between the two  Read More..

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