Angola: Hydroelectric Projects Spur Country's Development

Luanda - The materialisation of projects of construction, rehabilitation, modernisation and enlargment of dams in the country in 2012 by the Angolan government are considered added values to boost the ongoing development process and improve people's living standards, Angop has learnt.
In July this year, the Executive launched the cornerstone or the construction of Laúca dam in Malanje province, which will produce 2067 megawatts and will be concluded in September 2017.
The dam will benefit over 750.000 families, as well as the promotion of the commercial and industrial development, of the country.
Under the development of the power sector, the Executive concluded in 2012, the programme of rehabilitation and modernization of Cambambe dam, located in Kwanza-Norte province that produces currently 180 megawatts against the previous 90 capacity.
In 2012, the country also recorded a serious drought, which affected a lot the power supply in many regions, especially in Luanda.
To solve this problem, the government installed various thermal stations in the provinces of Luanda, Cabinda, Huila, Lunda-Norte, Namibe, Kuando-Kubango, Cunene, Huambo and Benguela.
All these programmes will contribute to the improvement of power supply as from 2013 and 2017, thus resolving the problem and also benefitting commercial, industrial and agricultural projects.
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