Kenya- The Building Set for Demolition Can Be Salvaged

 The National Building Inspectorate (NBI) which the National Construction Authority is a part of gave the developers a go ahead on resuming the construction of the 17 storey building in Nairobi which was set for demolition.

On December 2016 the construction was halted by the NCA and Nairobi City County Government (NCCG) due to a myriad of non-compliance issues.
The building lacked a fit resident supervision team and a fire exit or a staircase to access the basement and also, the poor
quality of concrete works and overall workmanship.
After structural audit reports the nod to salvage the building was given. Consultants hired by the developer and an independent audit by the Material, Testing and Research division of the Ministry of Transport Infrastructure and Urban Development both found that the building could be salvaged.
The salvaging process will commence once all the necessary compliance paperwork is provided by the developer to the NCA and NCCG.
Registration of the project and contractor is what the NCA’s is required to do. Also, accreditation of construction workers and safety measures such as hoarding and PPE (personal protective equipment) is a requirement.

Posted on : 27 Sep,2017

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