Mirerani Road In Tanzania Completed

 The Mirerani road was inaugurated by President John Magufuli of Tanzania. The road stretches from the Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA) to Mirerani a small mining town. It cost US$14.4mn to construct the first ever 26-km tarmac road in Simanjiro District.

“This road must boost business activities in the surrounding areas and would suggest wananchi to utilize it effectively,” said Prof Makame Mbarawa.
The China Henan International Corporation Group Limited (Chico) did execute the project though the government fully funded its construction. Nonetheless, the road will help to open up markets in Simanjiro, Arusha, Moshi and other towns.
This will also boost the country’s economy since everyone is able to move and do profitable business without any difficulties. Renovation of the busy road is one of the government’s promise way back some years ago.
Nonetheless, the road project aim is to boost the economy of the area, especially tanzanite mining at Mirerani. The road is also the cause to the booming of other economic activities in the semi-arid area and ease transportation between Mirerani and Arusha and Moshi.
The new KIA to Mirerani corridor is the first tarmac road in history of the area. The road is constructed in the sprawling Simanjiro district. 
On the other hand, Mirerani, comprises of remote, hilly landscape under which the precious and rare Tanzanite gemstones mining process happens. Conversely, valuable stones are ten-times rarer than diamonds, which are only found in Tanzania.

Posted on : 26 Sep,2017

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