Rwanda is going to have a Competitive Edge with the construction of Nyabarongo Hydro Power Station

The promise to provide residents with reliable power will be fulfilled by the completion of Nyabarongo hydropower project in the western part of Rwanda .

The project is possibly the largest hydropower installation in Rwanda. More than 28MW of electricity is contributed by it to the national grid.
 A significant challenge to energy utilities has been the development of a modernized energy system especially for developing countries.
The completion of this mega project in Rwanda should give African economies hope and reassurance on why it is important to invest in the energy industry.
In rural regions, the main source of electrification is diesel generators. Their progressive use is becoming unsuitable and very expensive. As a result, investing in clean energy is yet another lesson for many African economies.
The Nyabaroingo project is a demonstartion of how Rwanda takes the energy sector as an important pillar towards economic development.
Surely, continuous investment in the energy sector and introduction of new technologies will make Rwanda a conducive place for business.
Nyabarongo power plant is bringing a new ray of hope, confidence and security in terms of rural electrification. This is making it very imperative for Rwanda to continue investing in its energy sector.
It is also a example of how important public private sector partnerships are in terms of economic development of emerging economies.

Posted on : 18 Sep,2017

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