Construction of Ethiopias Rib Dam complete

 The construction of Ethiopia’s Rib Dam is finally complete. The US$160m dam, which had faced a 5-year delay has a 234 million cubic meters in water conservation ability.The Ethiopian Construction Works business enterprise (ECWC) were in charge of the project. They started the project 9 years ago. The initial plan included finishing and delivering within four years’ time.

The cost of the mission underwent revision 4 times to reach the initial value of US$55.9m. Before arriving to that value, the amount projected in 2013 was US$103.2m and US$197.8m a year later. Inauguration of the dam is to take place next month.
According to the assignment manager Feleke Kidane, some of the demanding situations causing the delay include design changes and shortage of required substances. They also faced delays in relocation and problems as far as human useful resource is concerned. Furthermore, required machinery and spare elements proved difficult to come back by.
ECWC additionally constructed a spill way to deal with cases of water overflow. This is in the form of a bridge which connects the dam and intake tower. The bridge is further fitted with six gates through which the reserved water enters.
Presently, the water is raised to 1,928m above sea level. This enables the dam to reserve 141m cubic metres of water. The contractor of the task ECWC is in charge of the construction and preserving roads, bridges, highways, dams and infrastructure. Kesem dam and irrigation, Gidabo dam, Megech dam and Tendaho clean water supply are some of the major projects executed by the contractor.

Posted on : 07 Sep,2017

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