$300m set aside for Kondo Dam

 Zimbabwe’s Agricultural and Rural Development Authority (ARDA) recently met South African potential investors for the Kondo Dam project. The $300m project involves the construction of a concrete-faced rock filled dam. There will also be an earth fill saddle dam as well as a hydro-power generating plant.

According to reports, Kondo Dam will store 3.5Bn cubic meters in water while generating 200 MW. The water will serve for purposes of power generation as well as irrigation development. Presently, the estates set to benefit from the dam’s construction rely on water from Osborne and Rusape dams. The investment is also likely to expand in 40ha from the current 10000ha.
ARDA chairman Mr. Basil Nyabadza expressed optimism that the investment will bring good fortunes to the agricultural sector in general.  He further added that there are expansion projects that will depend heavily on water investment.
Green Fuel Program
Additionally, as far as water availability is concerned ARDA will open an additional 5000Ha on an annual basis. This, in turn, will most likely trigger additional horticultural activities. The design stage of the dam is complete.
The dam is located approximately 3.6km south of the Save River and Tsungwizi River confluence. In the meantime, the Green Fuel expansion program also involves the construction of two additional plants with a combined capacity of 40m litres of ethanol per month at a cost of $540m.

Posted on : 05 Sep,2017

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