The Pinnacle; a 300 meter skyscraper under construction in Kenya to become Africa tallest building

 The twin tower building is known as the Pinnacle and on completion, the 300-meter-tall skyscraper will become Africa’s tallest building.

It will go down in history for beating the current holder, the 223-meter-tall Carlton Center in Johannesburg.
Reports from the CNN says the $200 million project is being financed by Dubai-based private investor firm Hass Petroleum and White Lotus Group.
The glass-façade building when completed will have a multi-purpose twin tower complex which will house a 255-room Hilton Hotel, residential housing, a shopping mall, businesses suites, a health spa, a gym as well as other leisure facilities.
We are confident the high-end landmark project will be well-received in the Nairobi property market, say investors.
Abdinassir Hassan, the east and central Africa chairman of Hass Petroleum, believes that Kenya is a tourism hub and which has a ready market for what the property will offer.
“We cannot say that because we have built a few malls here and there that there is an oversupply. Kenya is a tourism hub in the continent. Consider the case of Dubai, for instance. There are over 1,500 5 star hotels, which is why everyone is heading there.
The same can be said for malls.”
“Whatever happens in other parts of the world can happen in Africa as well,” Hassan said.
One of the world’s largest construction firms; China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC) was contracted for the project.
This same firm has delivered a string of major projects, including the African Union headquarters in Ethiopia and the Beijing National Aquatics Centre.
“We expect the entire building to be completed by December of 2019, although the 255-room hotel may be completed earlier.
The building will also have a helipad, which will be at over 800 feet, again, making it the highest on the continent.
We thought it wise to put the helipad here so that people can fly directly to the hotel and beat Nairobi’s hectic traffic,” Hassan said during the laying of the foundation.

Posted on : 17 Jul,2017

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