Luderitz wind power project in Namibia is almost complete

 The $180M Lüderitz wind power project at is nearing its completion. The very first wind farm in Namibia, being built by Innosun Energy Holdings, will add 5MW of electricity to the national power grid.

Innosun, a Namibia-registered company IS owned by Namibian and French investors.
The construction of  Ombepo Wind Farm, in which the Lüderitz Town Council holds a 5% stake, started in mid last year.
Jan-Barend Scheepers , The Project manager, said that the wind farm would be completed and connected to Nampower’s electricity grid by end July 2017.
He said they have already erected the first four wind turbines, and work is in progress to put up another one.
Scheepers also said that although it was very difficult to get the wind turbine components on site, it was a pleasure working with Namport to get all the parts on site.
He explained that, in terms of the power supply agreement, Innosun Energy Holdings will charge NamPower per unit of electricity fed into the national grid. According to Scheepers the cost of per unit electricity is very cheap and wind resources could easily power Namibia.
They are working on bringing solutions to Namibia to save more money considering that Namibia spent billions of dollars on importing electricity from the neighbouring countries such as South Africa and Zimbabwe.
Simson Haulofu, NamPower managing director, recently said that Namibia imports an average of about 60% of its electricity. According to Scheepers, the project which was funded by the Development Bank of Namibia, has led to creation of about 70 jobs.
Innosun will build a third 5MW solar park at Aussenkehr, on the banks of the Orange River, and a second wind farm to supply Namdeb. The good thing about localizing power supply is that it will reduce energy loss along the grid.
Innosun Energy Holdings also built 5MW solar parks near Omaruru and Okahandja.

Posted on : 15 Jul,2017

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