Tanzania Kinyerezi II power project anticipated to inject 240MW

 Kinyerezi II power project should be injecting 30 to 240MW of electricity to the national grid by December this year project manager Steven Manda. So far, the project has progressed to 63% since its inception in March last year.

The project worth $432m is currently being built at the Kinyerezi area in Dar es Salaam, with the government contributing 15% of the total project investment.
Earlier on this year, the acting managing director at the Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation (TPDC), Kapuulya Musomba said the gas pipeline is expected to reach 10% capacity from the current 6% upon completion.
The pipeline is projected to reach full capacity by 2022 after most gas-fired plants have reached completion.
Meanwhile, during the laying of the foundation stone, President Magufuli directed the Tanzania Electric Supply Company Limited (TANESCO) to do away with hiring electricity generating plants and instead, come up with constructive ideas on how to set up their own power plant.
He further spoke about the expense that comes with hired plants as well as the burden they pose to consumers. This is because they end up paying more in compensation of high capacity charges. This, he said, ends up favoring companies in contract with TANESCO.
He directed that the country should come to a point where it generates its own reliable power and sells the surplus to other countries, whereby this is a norm in other parts of the world.
The construction works of the Kinyerezi II worth $432 million was launched last year, with the government of Tanzania contributing 15% of the overall project investment.
Other gas-fired power projects comprise the Kinyerezi III and IV. On completion of all the projects, the country is estimated to save up to $1 billion yearly on oil imports for electricity generation, media reported.

Posted on : 21 Jun,2017

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