Mobile skyscraper for Africa wins competition of high-rise building projects

 The project of a mobile high-rise building for the fight against hunger in Africa won the annual competition of innovative ideas for building construction -Skyscraper Competition - held by eVolo architecture magazine.

Skyscraper presented by Mashambas Polish architects, Pawel Lipiński and Mateusz Frankowski , conceived as an educational center and a marketplace for new agricultural communities in the poorest of regions For RentAircraft Africa situated southward of the Sahara, the magazine writes.
The structure is made of simple modular elements, what makes it easy to construct, dismantle and transport the building. These buildings are designed to serve as a centers for training local farmers to apply modern methods of agriculture. A trading area for the crops sale is also planned to be established there. At that, the high-rise building will occupy a minimum area of ​​farmlands, the project description specifies.

Posted on : 15 Jun,2017

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