Tanzania: Mwanza Plans Ultra Modern Shopping Mall

THE construction of ultramodern shopping mall complex has taken off in Mwanza city.
The project manager Engineer Koyoya Fuko said here that the work began on Monday, this week and it is a joint venture between the Mwanza City Council and the Local Authorities Provident Fund (LAPF). Officials say that the project that is expected to end in two years' time from now will cost over 60bn/-.
"The centre shall be of unique quality that fits within the framework of Mwanza city, carrying modern and alluring design which also fits within the lake context within which the market shall be created," says Engineer Fuko. Upon completion, the facility is expected to expand the scope of business opportunities in Mwanza region and also attract both local and foreign investors.
The expert also hinted that the mall will also have a four storey market structure developed within an urban setting and requires a number of design provisions to be made to ensure its functionality. Key among these provisions is 660 vehicles parking and 100 schooters parking which shall be created within and around the market.
He further explained that the construction will enable the large space that would be created around the scheme and it is proposed to have sufficient soft and hard landscape that will be incorporated within the format as well as around the market.
The mixing is expected to create melodious mixture and creates an interesting development all over the building. The market through its atrium would also create openness in its makeup. This openness improves air flow and circulation and thus reducing the market's cooling needs, he says.
The Shopping Mall that never seen in the City and Lake Zone regions shall have large window along its frontage which have outer sun shading crust and inner operable windows shall harmonize the contemporary outlook of the market and guarantee its unique demand.

Engineer Fuko established that this shall be created using an extensive sub basement level due to slopping nature of the site. The market will be a one stop shopping complex comprising of the public area located at the floor level. 

Source : abdas.org

Posted on : 30 Nov,-0001

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