Tanzania announces grand water distribution project in Tabora

 Tanzania’s President John Magufuli recently announced a grand water distribution project in five districts found in the Tabora Region, saying his government had already sourced for US$268.4 million that will go towards implementing the project in Tabora.

The president was addressing residents of Ziba and Nanga villages when his motorcade made a stopover before addressing a rally in Igunga and Nzega districts.
According to the president, the government had already finished carrying out feasibility study in preparation for the implementation of the grand water distribution project in Tabora.
In addition, Dr Magufuli cautioned officials who engaged in fraud scams of collecting tax from small-scale poor farmers when carrying their harvest from their farms. “We need to collect tax but we should not disturb poor people”.
There are people who have been taxing farmers who are carrying their crops from their farms” he said, adding: I do not want you to harass poor farmers.”
Respond on a request to set up a new region in Tabora, the president said he had no plans to establish new regions in the country. Instead, he said, money allocated for the proposed regions would be used to offer social services like water, health services and infrastructure.
The Head of State went on with his regional tour that started in Singida Region on Friday. Before extending to Tabora Region the president addressed rallies in Misigiri town in Iramba District.
While speaking in Iramba District, the president directed Tanzania National Roads Agency (Tanroads) district manager to ensure that Sibiti bridge contractor was contacted with immediate effect so that the construction of the bridge can be completed very soon.
“My government is well prepared to pay that contractor and there is no need for any further delay in the construction of the bridge,” he added. He made an assurance to Tabora residents that his administration was fully committed to ensuring that the implementation of the 2015 election manifesto is to the fullest and that all the promises he made during his campaigns last year would be delivered.

Posted on : 03 Aug,2016

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