International aviation body wants airports in Nigeria fenced

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has urged the Federal Government of Nigeria to fence  airports in Nigeria  to ensure safety and check influx of unauthorized persons into the airports. But he country will require about US$125.78m to fence its 22 airports that are partially fence or without fences.

The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN), has assured all the airport users of absolute security and safety of humans, equipment and cargo at all times. Mr. Yakubu Dati, FAAN’s spokesman, added that each of the 22 airports is about 50km in length therefore they will require massive investments for them to be properly fenced.

However, four of the country’s international airports which are Port Harcourt, Abuja, Lagos and Kano are partially fenced while the remaining 18 airports are not fenced. This has led to encroachments on the lands by some native persons.

The 22 airports across the country occupy over 500km of land mass and ICAO security guidelines has prescribe double perimeter fences to the 22 airports. FAAN has also considered other safety measures in line with the international best practice to boost security and safety within the nation’s airports.c

The agency has introduced built perimeter towers and the perimeter patrol which enables the Aviation Security, (AVSEC) personnel and other security agencies to have a full overview of the airport environment and install the latest technologies in strategic locations that will increase surveillance.

According to the American Transportation Security Administration (TSA) security audit conducted early this month have identified some gaps including insider’s threat that the authority is observing and taking action against.

Anybody working within the terminal or in the terminal in line with global standards will be issued with the On-Duty-Card (ODC). However, the ODC has some levels of restrictions such that, not every holder will have access to every part of the terminal. The restriction levels come in different colours based on the level of clearance.

Besides creating over 300,000 jobs, airport sector contributes to the country’s economy a total amount of about US$1bn annually, however, the government is urged to ensure constant growth in the sector.


Posted on : 04 Apr,2016

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