Steel Structure Housing Industrialization in China Shall Enter 2.0 Era

 At present, China’s steel structure housing only accounts for a small part, and the early development of steel structure housing was converted from concrete structure, but in fact this was a big misunderstanding. Traditional steel structure houses “focus on structure, neglect in construction and do not have built-in”, with disadvantages such as large steel consumption, outward beam-column, imperfect function, low degree of standardization and so on. In order to overcome the above disadvantages, the Standard Institution adopted the technical idea of opening a new 2.0 era co-designed by structure, external envelope and in-built systems.

Development of 2.0 Era of Steel Structure Housing
Different from the traditional housing designs, steel structure housing 2.0 is an interactive and collaborative multi-system design containing house types & lateral resisting system collaborative design, facade & containment system collaborative design, pipeline system & lateral resisting system collaborative design, pipeline system & floor system collaborative design, pipeline system & containment system collaborative design, containment system & fire resistance collaborative design and so on.
Three Basic Principles
First of all, centered on the construction functions, the architectural design shall meet the  housing function and provide high-quality experience. Moreover, the major structure shall use framework as units, unify the depth and span of column grid, take lateral force resisting components into consideration so as to achieve suitable and variant space.
Secondly, based on the structural arrangement, choose mature structural system, optimize steel structure on the premise of meeting the construction functions. What is more, the requirements of large space and cost shall be met, constructional difficulties shall be reduced and steel structure protection problems shall be solved combined with in-built.
Thirdly, supported by industrialized envelope and in-built components, combining national conditions and oversea experience, select suitable external protect system cooperating the major structure and in-built system so as to meet the demands of rain-proof, thermal insulation, ventilation, sound insulation and so on. In addition, by suitable in-built design, indoor steel beams, steel column and so forth can be hid so as to achieve the integration of fire-proof and damp-proof and cost-reduction.
To conclude, steel structure housing 2.0 is the only way to achieve steel structure housing industrialization and upgrade industry chain. The Standard Institution has played an important role in the relationship between people and society, and is devoted to promoting China’s steel structure housing industrialization enter 2.0 era.
Event: The 5th China (Guangzhou) International Exhibition for Steel Construction & Metal Building Materials(Steel Build 2016)
Date: May 13th-15th, 2016
Venue: Poly World Trade Expo Center(PWTC)
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Posted on : 24 Dec,2015

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