ARM Cement in Kenya to adopt new cement production technology

 Cement manufacturer ARM Cement in Kenya has announced that it will launch a new technology in the production of cement, a move that will significantly reduce the cost of  construction,the firm’s chief executive has announced.

Speaking during a construction expo organised by Totally Concrete East Africa in collaboration with ARM Cement, chief executive Pradeep Paunrana said that the expensive technology in the production of cement was pushing up the final of houses.
He noted that the high cost of houses had made it hard for Kenyans to own houses.
“We need to be more economical to keep prices of finished houses within reach for final users – something that will not cost an arm and a leg for a house of office owner. We can achieve this by ensuring that that the materials that go into the construction of housing units are cheaply sourced and technologies are there to help us do this,” he said.
Currently, Kenya is one of the fast growing countries in terms of real estate and hence more reasons for the technology to be applied so that the increasing demand in the construction sector can grow.
“The new technology now enables us to economically and efficiently produce some of the industry’s high end products like RX5 – the 52.5 grade cement which allows a constructor to produce concretes of class 70 and this the cement the constructors would need to build a 30-40- 50 storeys, which are going to be a feature of Kenya in the years to come,” he explained.
ARM Cement in Kenya is a leading manufacturer of sodium silicate, lime, industrial minerals, formulated fertilizers and special building products in East and Southern Africa.
Totally Concrete East Africa expo which was themed “shaping the future of construction and cement in East Africa,” took place from 26th to 28th October, 2015. It focused on innovative technology and systems for property development in East Africa, improving cement performance and reducing construction costs for projects of all sizes.

Posted on : 03 Nov,2015

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