Governor cries foul over US$35m liabilities on road construction in Nigeria

 The Katsina State governor Aminu Masari is a worried man after announcing that his state inherited over US$35 by his government on road construction in Nigeria.He was speaking while inspecting the ongoing 32km Sheme-Kadisau-Dandume road project in the State.

Respective ministries and agencies have been signed the certificates of liabilities which have up to now still in the Ministry of Finance waiting to be settled. Despite, the huge amounts owed to the contractors, the roads in the State hardly lasted for two years with instances of complete washouts recorded in some places.
Governor Masari assured that his administration will never jeopardize quality as it is determined to ensure judicious use of the meager resources accruing to the state. He further stated that, the inspection enabled him to ascertain the real state of work on the road in order to ensure that the work is being executed in line with the agreed specifications.
However, the state government will be guided by the contractual agreements between the state and the firms handling the road projects whereby basic minimum requirements will be issued in terms of what the state can offer them to make sure that they complete the work on time as agreed.
State governments have doubled their efforts to boost road construction in Nigeria to bolster transportation.

Posted on : 19 Oct,2015

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