Japan to fund the construction of a research centre in Ethiopia

 Japan through its agency, Japan International cooperation Agency is set to construct a research centre in Ethiopia that will serve as a training and research center throughout Africa.

The construction project dubbed Kaizen institute will be built on a 3,000sqm piece of land at Sar Bet near the African Union in Addis Ababa.
An agreement was signed between Kimura Takusaburo, Japan International Corporation Agency’s (JICA) Ethiopian Office senior representative and Getahun Tadege, director of the Ethiopian Kaizen Institute, at the Ministry of Industry on September 3, 2015 in the presence of Tadese Haile, the State Minster.
According to the agreement, a consultant will be hired to carry out the feasibility study and engage in capacity building.
The construction of the research centre in Ethiopia is set to help in creating quality human resource in the manufacturing sector.
Situated in front of the African Union headquarters, off Roosevelt Street, the research centre in Ethiopia  will accommodate approximately 1000 trainees for yearlong short term trainings. The training facility will also be equipped with 120 dormitories and required amenities.
The Japan-sponsored kaizen has been aired on CNN for several weeks by the Ministry of Foreign affairs of Japan featuring how Ethiopia has strived to pursue and adopt kaizen.
It is estimated to cost US$ 30m.
Source: http://constructionreviewonline.com/

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