Boost for Kenya as construction of biogas plant in Naivasha completes

 Africa’s largest biogas plant in Naivasha in Kenya is set to add an additional 2.2MW of power to the national grid once complete.

Tropical Power managing director, Johnnie McMillan confirmed the news and said that the project which is named Anaerobic Digester plant is costing US$ 7m and is part of the Gorge Farm Energy Park. He further said that 50 per cent of the power produced will be sold to the Gorge Farm, and the rest to Kenya Power.
Mr. McMillan pointed out that plans to build renewable power assets across Africa were ongoing and they are projected to produce over 130 megawatts of clean energy by 2018 including in other countries like Ghana.
“By the year 2016, the construction of a further 10MW of solar generation capacity will commence,” he said.
50,000 tonnes of organic waste will be consumed per year by the new Digester plant.
“More than 35,000 tonnes output from the process could be used as rich, natural fertilizer to improve the crop yield for local farms,” McMillan said.
The Gorge Farm Anaerobic Digester plant will be owned and managed by Biojoule Kenya Ltd, an independent power producer and part of The Tropical Power Energy Group.
Speaking at the launch, General Electric Distributed Power Leader for Africa George Njenga said that the biogas plant in Naivasha is first anaerobi digester project in sub-Saharan Africa for the group.
“It is a big win for Kenya to get a ground-breaking project like this off the ground. It needs the developers, researchers, suppliers and government to work hand in hand. We look forward to working with Tropical Power, Kenya Power and the Ministry of Energy on more ground-breaking projects,” he said.

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