Top 5 reasons to why modular construction is on the rise in Africa

 Africa’s population is on the rise; better housing is becoming a necessity and thanks to technology advancement that saw the introduction of modular housing.

Currently the construction of modular buildings is on the rise and they are being used for high-rise apartments in countries across Africa like South Africa, Namibia, Kenya, Nigeria and even Ghana.
This method of construction did not start in Africa though today 98 percent of contractors, 98 percent of architects, and 99 percent of engineers use prefabrication and modular building methods. Here are some of the top reasons why this type of housing is on the rise.

1) A shorter build time –
No one likes to consume more time in developing a house, therefore the populous Africans are opting to consider modular construction for it takes a shorter time to plan and build.
The modular housing foundation and the building can be built at the same time. Factory-based pre-fabrication also speeds up the process, giving modular construction an average 20 to 30 percent time savings over traditional construction hence saving time and cost.
2) A quicker return on investment
Real estate business is on a boom in the African market and most companies have opted to venture ito the risk free business because housing is a necessity.
Companies therefore have considered turning around to the quicker modular buildings in order to bring income too fast for them.
3) Increased cost-savings
The Modular construction buildings can cut costs by 20-30 percent compared to the normal buildings. That results from the shorter time used in building and less labor needed that saves overall cost of construction.
4) No weather-related construction issues –
Africa’s weather is in most countries is unpredictable therefore this won’t affect the Construction crews since they work inside factories thus enabling them to work year-round, no matter the weather.
5) Less waste –
Off-site modular manufacturing can reduce waste and make it simpler to use lean manufacturing methods and environmental principles during construction. Not only that, but prefab construction materials—all of them, from packaging to steel—are easier to recycle, since they haven’t been exposed to the elements.

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