Contractor Stalls Water Project in Sumbawanga

THE Board for Sumbawanga Water and Sewerage Authority (Suwasa) has urged the Ministry of Water to intervene between the Authority and a contractor who has failed to implement a water project involving the drilling of deep wells at Lwiche River basin in Sumbawanga Municipality for over a year now.
According to the latest reports from Suwasa the World Bank is spending over 5.4 billion to develop two major water projects, aiming at easing the water supply problem in Sumbawanga town and its environs. The water projects begun in September 2010 and was scheduled for completion last month.
Addressing the Board, the Chairperson, Mr Paulo Kimiti attributed water shortage to the delay by the contractors, Herkin Builders Ltd based in Dar es Salaam.
"All the required pumps and pipes have arrived in Sumbawanga town including poles but the contractor has failed to accomplish the project for over a year now causing distress to residents here, mostly women and children who spend many hours fetching water," said Mr Kimiti.
According to Mr Kimiti the stalled-water project costs over 4.9bn/- meant to alleviate water woes in Sumbawanga town by increasing the production to 10,000 litres from 6,000 litres per day during rain season while 7,000 litres from 3,000 litres per day during dry season while the actual demand for the consumption of residents has recorded 10,000 litres per day.

The two water projects involve drilling of 13 deep wells at Lichwe River basin, rehabilitation of dilapidated water pipes and connecting new ones that more than 393.6 million would be spent on connecting new pipes while 4.9 billion goes into replacing old water pipes. 

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