Eskom installs solar power at its offices

In the midst of loadshedding and high electricity prices, national energy utility Eskom is looking at alternative sources of energy to power its offices.
Solar panels are being put up at Sunilaws Office Park in Beacon Bay.
Eskom's Lyndon Collins said the installation of energy-efficient equipment and alternative power- generating equipment was nothing new.
In fact, it was part of Eskom's national energy-efficiency internal strategy.
"This year, Eskom has identified Eskom buildings across different provinces to be used for the installation of photovoltaic panels that will generate electricity through solar energy."Ě
Collins said Eskom Renewable was installing 534 solar panels at the East London office park using a company called Beda Elements JV.
The panels would generate 165 kilowatts, "a quarter of the building's consumption"Ě.
"This is part of reducing the building's electricity bill, and contributing to the reduction of Eskom's carbon footprint, thereby reducing demand from the national grid."Ě
Collins said the project had taken three months and was set to be commissioned early this month.

Posted on : 30 Nov,-0001

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