Eritrea: Micro-Dam Being Constructed in Deqi-Gebru

Adi-Tekelezan - Reports indicated that a micro-dam is under construction in Deqi-Gebru area, Adi-Tekelezan sub-zone, with a view to meeting water supply demand for humans and livestock, as well as irrigation farming in the locality.

Mr. Birhane Kesete, in charge of follow-up of the project, indicated that the task is aimed at meeting the local potable water supply demand both for humans and livestock. The micro-dam is expected to make significant impact as regards enriching underground water resource in the area.

Accordingly, 60% of the task has been finalized and around 100 hectares are expected to be placed under cultivation upon full capacity of the micro-dam. Mr. Solomon Haile, Administrator of the sub-zone, said that it would make significant impact as regards improving the livelihood of the community members through irrigation farming.

The inhabitants of the area expressed satisfaction with the undertaking and expressed readiness to exert more efforts towards raising agricultural output following the finalization of the undertaking.

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Posted on : 30 Nov,-0001

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