Gambia: U.S.$200,000 Bansang Hospital Vision Centre Inaugurated

The governor of Central River Region (CRR) Alhaji Ganyie Touray recently inaugurated a $US200, 000 Bansang Vision Centre, constructed by 'One-Sight' at the Bansang Hospital.

In his remarks at the inauguration ceremony, Governor Touray described the building of the Vision Centre as timely, adding that it is a good gesture. As he put it, the region is highly in need of such a facility. Noting that the centre will now address the needs of rural dwellers, he said, it would also reduce cost for people travelling all the way to Banjul in search of eyeglasses.

For his part, Jankoba Jabbie, the Regional Health director of Central River Region, who deputised for the minister of Health and Social Welfare, said the government of The Gambia will continue to collaborate and work closely with 'One-Sight' in ensuring that the Memorandum of Understanding that was signed between the two institutions in November 2013 is fully implemented. He revealed that in the next two years 'One-Sight' would establish two Vision Centres in the country

The Regional Health director thus thanked 'One-sight' for complementing government's effort in the area of vision.

Baba Jeng, the chief executive officer of Bansang Hospital stated that with the establishment of a Vision Centre in the hospital, people of the region would now have access to quality and affordable optical services.

Jeng added that the hospital will work closely with One-Sight and the National Eye Health Programme for a successful implementation of the Vision Center Project. He assured One-Sight that the hospital will take a lead role in monitoring and supervision of all activities within the Vision Centre.

The chief executive officer of Bansang Hospital then added that with the coming of the centre, the hospital can now boast of a comprehensive health services to the people of the region. According to him, the project will provide additional revenue stream for the hospital.

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