Sierra Leone: Vitafoam Introduces New Construction Method

A leading foam company in the country, Vitafoam Group Sierra Leone Limited, has introduced a new construction method called 'Dry Construction'. The Nigerian-owned company revealed that the new method is cheaper and faster to construct houses and other edifices.

In an exclusive interview with Concord Times, General Manager of Vitafoam Sierra Leone Limited, Ola Ogunfeyitimi, said the company is not only the leading foam company in Sierra Leone but in other west African countries as well, adding that they have constructed a factory at Hastings, few kilometres away from Freetown, which will be officially commissioned in March this year.

He assured the public that the company will be producing high quality foams, as well as create employment opportunities for youths.

He said the new construction method entails the use of boards and panels installed on metal or timber to support the building of exterior walls, ceilings, and that the application would replace the traditional 'wet' method of construction, using bricks and concrete blocks.

He disclosed that the new method has greater design flexibility as it is easier to replace and modify, as well as being more adaptable to owners' future needs, and less vulnerable to generation of waste on site, less dumping cost, while a typical edifice can be constructed in less than six months if all the materials are available to do the construction.

He said the company is targeting the military, police and mining companies in the country to take the opportunity of utilising the cost-effective and environmentally friendly construction method.

The Vitafoam manager also revealed that the new method is fireproof as its resistant to smoke and toxic gases makes it dimensionally stable because it does not shrink at low or high temperature, or expand at high temperatures.

He said the company has constructed a business centre at Wilberforce, using the new method and materials exclusively.

While inspecting the new model building at Wilberforce, Defence Minister Major (Rtd.) Alfred Pallo Conteh welcomed the innovative breakthrough introduced by Vitafoam and noted that it would be very much vital to the armed forces, especially as plans are underway to construct more living quarters at army barracks.

The minister promised to discuss the idea with the head of estates in the military, with a view to experimenting the new method and to facilitate a feasibility visit to the military training school at Benguema and other military barracks across the country.

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