Construction of Borrowdale Mall to Start Soon

Construction of a multimillion-dollar retail complex - the Mall of Zimbabwe - in Borrowdale will start as soon as the project receives the nod of the Environmental Management Agency, an official said on Tuesday. EMA is carrying out an environmental impact assessment, and the results are expected shortly.
"We have submitted all issues to do with environment with EMA and now we await their response which I am informed might come anytime this week," Ken Sharpe, chairman of Augur Investments which is carrying out the project, said.
The shopping complex, which will cost more than US$100 million, is a joint venture involving Augur Investments, McCormick Property Development and West Properties.
The Government has granted the project approval. The mall is set to be the biggest shopping centre in Africa outside of South Africa as well as becoming among the biggest property investments in Zimbabwe.
Mr Sharpe said the project would be completed in 18 months, and open in October 2014.
"We could have started the construction already, but some processes have been delaying the beginning of the work. EMA had notified us not to start construction without them making an environmental impact assessment," he said.
He said the project would not take more than two years as all logistics were in place.
Meanwhile, the complex will have 68 000 square meters of floor space to be taken up by local and foreign retailers, including Pick 'n' Pay, Game, Forchin, Spar, Shoprite, Mr Price, Woolworths and Truworths.
The mall will accommodate more than 150 shops; have space for shops, restaurants and fast-food drive-through courts and recreational facilities. Over 4 000 jobs are expected to be created.
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