Kabale-Kisoro Road Upgraded

The construction works for the 100km Kabale-Kisoro-Bunagana road by SBI are complete.The road that starts from Kabale town connects to Kisoro town and onwards to the border with the DRC at Bunagana.
The road that formerly was gravel has been upgraded to tarmac and has a spur of about 6km that connects it to the border with Rwanda at Kyanika, thus effectively connecting to the road networks of both DRC and Rwanda.
Dan Alinange, the Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) spokesperson said the construction works commenced in 2008.
The project was initially projected to cost $90m, but the original designs were changed, blowing the cost up to $140m.
"Apart from enhancing regional cooperation in the Great Lakes Region, the upgrading of this road will enhance the administrative and social coverage in the region," said Alinange.
He said the time spent on the way from Kabale to Kisoro will be shortened by 40%.

The road will also enhance trade. The road has a defects liability of one year, during which, the contractor will rectify any defects on it free of charge. 

Source : allafrica.com

Posted on : 30 Nov,-0001

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