Rhino cement up to support Tanga local communities

Residents of Tanga will soon benefit from Rhino cement company following the promise of the company’s director Mr Sudheer Khagram to employ about 1000 people and give support in education to children from poor families living in the region.

According to the director, who made an exclusive interview with this paper over the week, said that, his company which is still going on with the construction of new and heavy cement factory at Maweni area in Tanga ,would benefit the community residing within the region, in terms of employment and other development projects including education.

He said the construction work was expected to come into accomplishment by next year and that in the question of employment, residents of the region would be considered first than people from outside the region. Narrating on education he said, the company management thought to establish the programme through which children from poor families would get education assistance from lower level up to higher level of university, depending on the learning capability of the children themselves.

‘’Our factory will start production next year, we have established a programme that will be providing education support to poor children..we want them get education free until university level..this is a good support because investing in education is for the benefit not only to the children, but also to the nation at large,’’ he said.

He further said, the Rhino company has a good policy of supporting the local community wherever they establish an investment in order to develop the community and improve their living standard, so that they could feel being partners of the company. He, however, said that, they have already started providing support in various sectors like donation of school desks, building classrooms in some schools.


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