Kenya: Resident Asks Government to Build Dams On Tana River

A peace trainer in Tana Delta yesterday asked the governments to construct dams to control floods which have affected over 1500 families in the delta. Issa Koffa said the floods are a natural disaster that has never been dealt with by previous governments.

He said relief aid is not the solution to the problem. "Every time we have heavy rains in the area we are affected by floods. The government should put dams between the upper and lower Tana to hravest the water," he said. Koffa said the harvested water will help restore peace in the area.

"This water if well harvested can help reduce tension between the pastoralists and farmers. There were clashes a few months ago. We have just started healing and now the worst has happened. All our crops have been washed away. The government should treat this issue seriously," he said.

Koffa said the government should expand the irrigation schemes in the delta. "The irrigation schemes and projects are in the hands of different organizations. We want farmers to manage the projects and then pay dividends to these organizations," he said. He said the government educate the communities on modern agriculture.


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