Africa: Companies Prepares for Germay-Africa Business Forum

Germany and Cameroon have known long economic ties and business relations. The sixth Germany-Africa Business Forum to be organised in four German cities is just another opportunity whereby Cameroonian business representatives will exhibit "Made in Cameroon" products, discuss business growth and opportunities between the two countries.

Between April 19 and 24, business-hungry nations in Africa and Europe will converge on German soil, particularly in the economic cities of Munich, Cologne, Freiberg, Erfurt, Frankfurt and Wurzburg. As the forum gathers steam, business people and pressmen in Cameroon's economic heartbeat of Douala, said to be hosting about 60 per cent of the countries companies, have been spurred to remain optimistic of national growth efforts. Cameroonian-born Joseph Nguefack-Sonkoue, who heads the business development and sustainable cooperation organisation, Afriboom based in Germany and Cameroon, held a briefing with the business community and pressmen in Bonapriso on March 12.

The forum which will be the first major international business event for both government and private business men is crucial to develop Cameroonian companies to use its economic and natural resource potentials and promote the tertiary sector to foster growth. Considering the different meetings between African businessmen and European experts, the delegation from Cameroon is expected to harp essentially on how to attract German investors, find financial sources, promote typical African business concepts and how to translate German business concepts into African context, especially as the forum focuses on business through financial solutions, agriculture, natural resources and mining.

Participants will have the opportunity to visit production plants, manufacturing and processing companies as well as access technology, know-how, management and quality made in Germany. There will be consulting in mediation, support, concepts and forum follow-up while also bearing in mind the national expectation of promoting small and medium-size enterprises, tourism and investment in tourism to bolster job opportunities and more employment offer.

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