Gambia: Nigeria's Contribution Towards Africa's Development Applauded

The minister of Works, Construction and Infrastructure has said that the Federal Republic of Nigeria has used its resources, both human and material, to contribute to the development of Africa.
Francis Litti Mboge made the remark Monday at the Kairaba Beach Hotel, on behalf of the Gambia's Foreign Affairs minister, during a reception in observance of Nigeria's 52nd Independence Anniversary. According to him, by a deliberate policy to enhance African capacity building, successive Nigerian governments have given unlimited access to African students in all its institutions of higher education "From Lagos to Nsukka and Zaria to Jos, Nigerian universities have trained Africans who are now in strategic positions and working for the development of their countries including Gambians," he said.
Minister Mboge further stated that Gambians have not only benefitted from Nigerian institutions, but the two governments continue to enjoy the benefits of excellent relations that date back to the struggle for independence. He noted that under the Gambia Technical Assistance Programme, the Gambian judiciary has been transformed into one of the best functioning and independent judicial bodies in the continent. He added that Nigerian legal luminaries are recognised internationally as among the pacesettlers in international jurisprudence.
Minister Mboge noted that after 52 years of independence and with impressive milestones in development, Nigeria and Nigerians have proven that they are not only resilient, but are amongst the most enterprising people in the world. He continued: "As Ecowas members, we have a common destiny and I am happy to report that our two governments are closely working to defeat terrorism and drug trafficking in the sub-region. I wish to acknowledge the pivotal role being played by Nigeria not only as the host of our regional organisation, Ecowas, but as a leading contributor in the Ecowas force that has mobilised to bring peace in the past in Sierra Leone and Liberia and today in Mali and Guinea-Bissau."
Nigeria's independence
Minister Mboge recalled that 52 years ago, Sir Abubcar Tafawa Balewa, the renowned "Golden voice of Africa" and Dr Namdi Azikwe, known to all as "Zik of Africa", proclaimed Nigeria as an independent state thereby taking the destiny of their people into their hands. "Ever since that day, the Federal Republic of Nigeria has been in the forefront of the struggle for African independence, unity and development," he averred.

The 52nd independence anniversary, he added, is therefore an auspicious occasion to pay tribute to the founding fathers of this great African nation, and also recognise and acknowledge the sterling contribution of its current leaders in fostering African unity and solidarity. 

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