Egypt: Qandil Underlines Need to Develop Infrastructure

It is necessary to establish better infrastructure in Egypt and not to focus only on upgrading the railway sector, said Prime Minister Hisham Qandil.
Qandil, meanwhile, said that there are various sectors in the country that need development, including electricity, sanitary drainage and roads.
"We cannot allocate all the state resources in one direction and leave the rest of the sectors," he added Saturday while opening a bakery complex, which is affiliated to the Armed Forces, in 15th of May City.
Accompanying Qandil were Supply Minister and Internal Trade Bassem Ouda along with Cairo Governor Osama Kamal.
Egypt has been hit by a spate of tragic accidents in recent days, including the Badrashin and Imbaba train accidents and the collapse of a building in Alexandria, he said.
He also extended deepest condolences to the families of the victims and vowed to provide full care and support for them.
Qandil said that a range of urgent measures will be taken to tighten the control on the railway sector, noting that 900 railway crossings will be developed.
A meeting will be held with the transport minister to get acquainted with the ministry's plan to develop the railway sector, he added.
Talking about the price of bread in the newly-inaugurated complex, Qandil said that the actual cost of the bread is 33 piasters and the government sells it at EGP 0.5. He also noted that the cost of the bakery complex hit 18.3 million pounds, saying that around 40 bakeries will be opened soon.
Asked about allocating one billion dollars from the Suez Canal's revenues for setting up projects for youths, Qandil said that the Suez Canal's revenues hit around 5.6 billion dollars per annum and it is a humble figure.
But a project to develop Suez Canal will provide tens of billions to the state, he said, adding that a plan to develop the Suez Canal will be laid out within the coming two months.
Regarding securing celebrations marking the second anniversary of the revolution, Qandil said that the government supports peaceful protests and there are directives to the security forces to protect protesters.

Qandil went on to say that President Mohamed Morsi will deliver a speech to the nation on January 24 on the occasion of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) birthday and the January 25 revolution. 

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