Uganda: Firm Wins Karamoja Road Contract

Kampala - After spending many years with dusty roads, Karamoja residents (North Eastern Uganda) this year will have reason to smile after government has finalized plan to tarmack their road from Moroto to Nakapiripiriti.
According to Mr. Dan Alinange the communication manager for Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA), a Chinese construction firm has won the tender to tarmac the road from Moroto to Nakapiripiriti in the Karamoja region
China Road and Bridge Cooperation (CRBC) has won the tender worth Ush 184billion (U$70,769,231 million) to construct the road which stretches a distance of 90 kilometer.
“Government has paid 20 % of the total cost for the project,” said Alinange.
He explained that currently the contractor is mobilizing land where to establish their camp in the two districts before work starts.
According to him work will start in March 2013.
When asked the funders for the project Alinange said it’s the Government of Uganda funding it 100%.
He added that this project was supposed to kick off in 2012 but Government delayed to procure land for the road construction.
Karamoja region has been lagging behind in development because of the poor infrastructure like roads and access to power.
This has hindered the area to attract investors in the region since poor roads, darkness increase the cost of doing business in such places.
With improved road network this will help the Karamajongos who are participating in Agriculture now, to market their produce in nearby centers like Mbale and in Teso region.
This has been a big problem especially when it rains to market peoples produce.
It will show value for money which Government has been injecting in the region through the office of the Prime Minister under the Poverty Reduction and Development Programme (PRDP).
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