USD 3 million eighth dry port in Ethiopia has completed its construction

A USD 3 million port in Wereta, Northern Gonder of Amhara Regional State, Ethiopia, has completed its construction recently. To facilitate more trade with Sudan, the country built this new port. The cost of construction was covered by state-owned shipping giant, the Ethiopian Shipping & Logistics Enterprise.

Having a capacity of 1,000 containers at once, the port is covering a total land of three hectares and, marked as an eighth port in the country. The regional government has kept 17 hectares of additional land to use as demand increases. The facilities of the new port include a warehouse, a terminal, a cafeteria, and offices. Currently, the process of hiring and structuring human resource at the port is administrating by the contractors.

The 7 previous dry ports include Qality, Modjo, Semera, Gelan, Kombocha, Dire Dawa, and Meqelle. Out of which, Modjo Dry is the major port hosting around 78 percent of the country’s shipping and logistics services located in the eastern inlet of Addis Ababa.

The aggregate capacity of these 7 dry ports is around 24,000 containers at a time and handle over 90 percent of Ethiopia’s export. The total valuation of these exports would be around USD 3 billion.

The eighth port of Ethiopia would be a great help to facilitate trade with Sudan. Ethiopia had an export of USD 50 million in 2016 to Sudan which includes coffee, meat, tea, and spices, said by Communication  Director of Enterprise, Asheber Nota.

Posted on : 02 Dec,2019

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