USD 73 million Road projects launched in Addis Ababa

 Three new road constructions are undertaken by Addis Ababa City Roads Authority for USD 73 million.

The launching ceremony has witnessed by Addis Ababa city’s Deputy Mayor, Engineer Takele Uma, and other senior government authorities.

The first road will stretch from Bole Michael ring road to the entrance of Bulbula Caba district with a distance of 5.5 km made of asphalt.

The second road with a distance of 3.4 km long and a width of 40 meters will start from Awtobs tera to Kolfe sub-city to relieve high traffic congestion.

The third road comprises 1.1 km length and 10 meters wide with the included sidewalk. This road will stretch from Tilahun Gesesse square to Gazebo Square.

With the expected completion period of two years, the projects will be constructed by Chinese, Group Seven, and Ethiopian Aser construction companies.

There shouldn’t be any wastage of time for the completion of the project, and the whole project will be strictly monitored by the administration to ensure the required quality said by Uma.

There have been congestions in most of the roads in the city. With the completion of these projects, the congestions between the Mesqal square to Bole sub-city are expected to get resolved.

In the current fiscal year, around 20 road projects are coming up in the city to minimize city road congestions.

Posted on : 26 Nov,2019

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