USD 340 million Rusumo Hydroelectric plant nears completion

Amb. Claver Gatete, Rwandan Minister for Infrastructure and Dr Medard Kalemani, Tanzanian Minister for Energy have confirmed the 47% completion of the Rusumo Hydroelectric Project during their visit to the construction site. The project is being constructed at the border of Tanzania and Rwanda with an estimated budget of USD 340 million.

Stating about the project, Claver Gatele said that they have seen good progress compared to the last time they visited. He further emphasized that many hard challenges have already been overcome by the company and electro-mechanical works are going to start soon.

The contract of this special project was given to CGCOC group limited – a joint venture between Jiangxi Water and Hydropower Construction Company Ltd. The company has managed to come up with the new design features which let the elimination of constructing a reservoir that subsequently reduces the risk posed to social and environmental impacts.

The project aims to increase the benefits of the neighbouring countries by supplying power through the 80MW hydropower facility. It will provide additional power of 26.6MW to the benefiting countries, moreover; it also increases the interconnection of regional power between the countries.

The project creates a substantial amount of employability to the countries. Stressing to the point over 500 casual and non-skilled workers got employed during the construction of this project from Burundi, Rwanda and Tanzania. On completion of this project, Rwanda will receive 4% electricity boost while Tanzania and Burundi will increase its electricity by 0.034% and 5% respectively.

Posted on : 16 Jul,2019

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