Mega-projects are in full swing in Kenya

The construction of roads and different key infrastructural comes in Mombasa County are on target and close to completion. Among the projects expected to remodel the toured resort town that's earmarked for empowerment in August this year includes USD 4.5 million Mombasa city district project and USD 9.8 million cruise terminal at the Port of Mombasa. Evans Achoki, County Commissioner (CC) of Mombasa, said the projects were crucial to the accomplishment of the large Four Agenda and boosting the business sector in Mombasa and different coastal areas.

Evans also said during the coordination committee meeting at Uhuru Na Kazi building on Wednesday that they are keenly monitoring the construction work as the government is committed to bringing the prosperity and development of the tourism sector. The meeting was conversant that each the city district project and cruise terminal were progressing well which would be prepared for empowerment by August this year.

The project that has induced excitement inside the business sector is additionally meant to push the City’s history, the culture of the folks and supply a perfect venue for festivals and different social events. Adding to the fact that this will be the first modern public recreational area that would be transforming the Mama Ngina Drive to an international standard and making Mombasa a top tourist destination. The Water park is seen as another product to the business sector because the country already offers a multifarious destination combining exotic beaches, national parks and historical sites.

Posted on : 01 Jul,2019

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