Sameer to open US$ 30m milk processing factory in Kenya

A US$ 30m milk processing factory in Kenya is set to be operational in Nakuru, Kenya. It is being constructed by Sameer Agriculture & Livestock Limited (SALL), a company owned by billionaire businessman Naushad Merali.

The initiative of the construction of the dairy processing plant is expected to increase the competition in the dairy sector which is growing at a high rate and also create employment.
SALL CEO Mr. Sameer Merali confirmed the reports and said that the plant is currently under construction at Salgaa in Nakuru and it is anticipated to be operational by June next year.
“The plant currently under construction at Salgaa in Nakuru is a first of its kind in Africa with some of the most modern dairy production facilities set for opening in June next year,” said Mr. Merali.
Mr. Merali explained and said that the firm announced the re-branding of its milk products as a move to catch customers’ attention so as to drive sales higher and win more market share.
Lately, milk processors have unlocked noteworthy investments with billionaire investors queuing up to pump in huge amounts of money into the dairy industry, this venture has been attracted by a fast growing market whose size is projected to more than double in the next 10 years.
The venture is also expected to strengthen competition in a sector that is mainly dominated by Brookside Dairies. Brookside, which produces fresh milk and yoghurt, has since built up a probable 40 per cent market share.
Other notable big players in the dairy market are Githunguri Dairy Farmers Co-operative which has announced plans to expand its product portfolio and Sameer Group which acquired the Daima milk business from Adarsh Developers.
Sameer Agriculture and Livestock Ltd produce and markets dairy products offering fresh liquid milk, ultra heat treated milk, yoghurt, butter, ghee, and powder milk. The company exports its products to Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Mauritius, and Southern Sudan.

Posted on : 14 Oct,2016

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