Kenya: Kerra Invites Bids for Ngong-Isinya Roads Repair

 Construction companies should bid for the repair of two roads in Kajiado county damaged by recent floods, the roads agency has said.

The Kenya Rural Roads Authority yesterday cited the Ngong-Kiserian-Olooloitikosh and the Olooloitikosh-Isinya roads.
Kajiado Senator Peter Mositet sent President Uhuru Kenyatta a photo of a washed-out section of the route.
The President ordered Kerra to immediately move to the site and send him their findings.
Kerra director general John Ogango toured the damaged sections of the roads yesterday.
He told the Star the earliest time repairs can begin is February next year.
Ogango said the engineers will have to factor in the cost of the repairs before procurement is initiated.
He said the government withdrew from the annuity pilot project on the road after it became impossible to manage it financially.
Ogango said the project was introduced last year.
However, it became increasingly expensive as contractors issued bills of up to Sh100 million per a 1km road, he said.
The contractors were supposed to work on the roads and maintain them for five years, Ogango said.

Posted on : 29 Dec,2015

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