Second phase of road tolling in Zambia Launched

 Second phase of road tolling in Zambia has been launched in a bid to increase  revenue collection for road maintenance and construction Road Development in Zambia(RDA) has announced.. The project is being undertaken under the National Road Tolling Programme (NRTP).

Road tolling in Zambia was first introduced in 1983 with the construction of toll booths on various sites. However, this plan was abandoned and the toll gates vandalized except for a few.
According to the Works and Supply Minister, Yamfwa Mukanga, the second phase would help encompass all vehicle classification be it big or small.
Minister Mukanga also noted that the NRTP would be doing the inland tolling after appointment by RDA while the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) will be the responsible toll agent at the ports of entry.
All messages concerning different aspects of the road tolling programme in Zambia will be done through print and electronic media.
More jobs will be created for young people during the construction phase adding to the 48 people who have already been employed.
The Minister noted that they had collected US $44.95m in 2013 during the time when they had road tolling of heavy vehicles.
The RDA Board Chairperson, Samuel Mukupa indicated that there were six toll plazas currently under construction by Njovu Transport and Shire Construction.
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Posted on : 23 Oct,2015

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