The Wilo Group is one of the world’s leading premium suppliers of pumps and pump systems for building services, water management, and the industrial sector.

As the world physically revolves around its orbit so are the people living in it! We are all progressively revolving into a more digital space, some parts of the world moving faster than others but the goal remains the same, to improve our efficiency and productivity by leveraging on advanced technology.

Sub-Saharan Africa has been growing at a very fast rate over the past decade despite a few setbacks within the same period. The World Bank’s Global Economic Prospects report forecasts a growth of 3.4% in sub-Saharan Africa in 2019, this growth tallied alongside the up rise of global  investments in the region and state of the art modern buildings in urban cities gives a picture of how water is becoming a more and more valuable asset in achieving sustainable development.

The need for development however must also not ignore the overarching problem of climate change facing the world today; this should be our number one consideration while constructing modern day buildings in our cities and modern towns. 

Proper management of water is therefore a necessary good to make sure that we are developing quite sustainably despite uneven growth in the region. 

Wilo Brings Future

WILO is therefore proud to be at the heart of this evolution globally and also within the East African region, bringing smart urban solutions with digital innovations and technology for building services in; water supply, heating, air-conditioning, cooling as well as drainage and sewage. Our pumps help to use water more efficiently for the sake of future generations.

The idea of intelligent pumps simply optimizes innovative energy saving solutions and proper water control systems in modern buildings. 

The case of Kenya presents a great environment conscious atmosphere for WILO to invest its products as the country is progressively moving towards the green building revolution, representing more efficient but least environmentally disruptive means of building and constructing.

The WILO-STRATOS MAXO is the latest addition to the wide variety of pumps we now offer in the region, it’s the world’s first smart pump thanks to its remote control mode that can be connected to mobile devices to monitor water intake and to also manage pump systems in a building. 

The idea of smart pumps is therefore contributing to the future of smart innovative cities and the industrialization as well as development of infrastructure, which is the key to unlocking Africa’s great potential in realizing economic development. 

As a global player in manufacturing high-tech pumps and a pioneer in bringing the future to our customers, WILO’s footprint in the East African region is manifest of a more futuristic solution for premium quality pumps that promote sustainable solutions for the sake of generations to come. 

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Posted on : 25 Jun,2019

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